I was born in 1964. After secondary school, I started working as a shoemaker. The first couple years I worked at a branch company but in 1996 I started working as an independent entrepreneur. In 2011, I started studying theology at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. I chose the free minor choice at the Baptist Seminar. In November 2015, I was finished with my studies. During my graduation research, I got in touch with CAMA. They were looking for an entrepreneurial couple who could establish a connection between the Islamic and Christian population in Indonesia by setting up companies.

After an orientation trip in February 2016, we decided to enter the application process. In July 2016, we were officially appointed by CAMA. We left the Netherlands in January 2017.

I married Anne-Marie in 1988 and together we have three children: Matthijs (1990), Tobias (1992) and Talitha (1996). The oldest two children are married and Talitha is in a relationship. In March 2016, I became a grandfather of triplets, 2 girls and 1 boy. In addition to my work in the shoemaking industry, I have been active in community life (politics and chess) and have been a member of the trade association in shoe repair for a number of years. My biggest hobby is listening to music.

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