In 1968, I was born in St. Maartensdijk, a small village in Zeeland. I grew up there with 3 brothers and a sister. After a stay with my pen pal in Asperen, I met Peter in his shoe repair shop. In 1988, we got married and went to live in Gorinchem. We had 3 children there: Matthijs, Tobias and Talitha. In 1997, we bought the shoemaker business with the building in Leerdam. The children were getting bigger and I was working in the shoe repair shop.

In 2008, I started training as a maternity nurse which had always been a dream of mine. After I graduated, I worked with a joyful heart for 8 years as maternity nurse. The delivery of the baby and the first days of the new life are unique each time. I was also active in the Works Council of the maternity care organization.

On March 6, 2016, I became a grandmother of triplets which was a very beautiful and special moment. My hobbies are: reading, running, walking, chatting with friends, puzzling, sewing clothes and much more ......

In February 2016, we went to orientation in Makassar, Indonesia. The first couple of days in Makassar were a culture shock for me. Everywhere I looked there were huts, scooters, garbage, heat and people. I asked God, "Is this where you want me to go?" At first, I was very sad and confused. However, after a week, we were riding in a taxi and I felt love flowing from my heart for the driver. I started a conversation with him in my poor English. This continued with the lady of the launderette and with the students at the university. I received love for these people from God! Then, I contacted some midwives and mothers in the area and talked about their experiences during the birth of their children.

The mess and the stench had not disappeared but I did not see them anymore. I looked forward to going to Makassar after feeling and seeing what we could do for the people there. It was not easy to leave our children, family and friends behind, but I knew that God would be with us. He gives rest and I want to follow Him wherever He leads.

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