Support Committee

Anja de Vries

My name is Anja de Vries. I have been friends with Anne-Marie and Peter for 10 years. When the question came up as to whether I wanted to take part in the support committee I did not have to think about it for long. I find it so beautiful and…

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Gert Vernhout

My name is Gert Vernhout. I'm married to Anne and live in Gorinchem in the Netherlands. Since the children left, I like to spend time in support committee activities for my friends Peter and Anne-Marie. Peter and I take care of the communication: website, Facebook and the Newsletters. I also…

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Gert-Jan van der Tuuk

Hello, my name is Gert-Jan van der Tuuk. I live in Houten and I am married to Olga Sussenbach. Together we have 4 children, all of whom have already moved out of the house. Since 2014 I have been working as a driving instructor at the NXXT organization after having worked…

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Mieke van Felius

My name is Mieke van Felius, married to Pieter. We have four children and four grandchildren. Since late 2018 I’m part of Peter and Annemarie their support committee. I know them for years and visited them in Indonesia in October 2018. I have witnessed the work they do with my…

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Shanko van der Meer

My name is Shanko van der Meer. I am married to Esther and I am living in Meerkerk. I know Peter and Anne-Marie because we go to the same church. The question came up as to who wanted to be a member of the support committee for Peter and Anne-Marie.…

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Werner de Jong

I am Werner de Jong. I live in Zeist with my wife and two children. I met Peter and Anne-Marie through our church Baptistengemeente de Rank in Utrecht. They were linked to our homegroup to keep in touch with them. Through the past years I became impressed by everything they…

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