Our mission: Building bridges between Muslims and Christians by setting up businesses.

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What are we going to do?

We are going to set up businesses together with STT Jaffray University, students, the local church, and companies to improve the living conditions of the population and to make sure that the church is better appreciated.

Peter teaches Business as Mission as a course to students at STT Jaffray University and we started the first two companies in the southernmost part of Sulawesi in May 2018. The first company will produce pure coconut oil which we will also sell in the Netherlands. In addition to this, there will be an information center for pregnant women.

Support Committee

From the Netherlands, we are supported by a number of people who form a support committee: Gert Vernhout, Anja de Vries, Gert-Jan van der Tuuk, Shanko van der Meer, Mieke van Felius and Werner de Jong. This website, newsletters and prayer letters are produced together with the support committee. We can tune in with people in the support committee. With things that are difficult to arrange from Indonesia we can rely on their support.

Team CMA Indonesia

We are working together with a team from CMA Indonesia which consists of Andy and Lora Brake, Kara Gruber, Chris & Amy Luthy and Hanny Frederik. Our area of operations is the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia and our home base is in the city of Makassar from where we work in the area south of the rivers.

Entrepreneur Business

In May we started producing pure coconut oil according to an Australian process. This oil and perhaps some other products will also be sold in the Netherlands. The proceeds will be invested in the village where our factory is located. The people who live there are poor and more than half of the population is unemployed. If you want to help by selling our coconut oil, then please send us an email (peter@pamakassar.nl).
Your involvement has a big impact on our mission.
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On January 27, 2017, we left for Makassar. Cama states that  100% of our annual budget is for, among other things, living needs so that we are to be able to continue working on the mission field. Do you also participate in our mission? Besides sufficient financial resources, we cannot continue without prayer. Some of the things you can pray for include:

We thank God for the many blessings we have received so far.

Pray that God will give wisdom and guidance through His Holy Spirit.

Thank God for all the people who stand around Peter and Anne-Marie.

Pray that the hearts of the people in South Sulawesi will be open to the love of Jesus.

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